Angel Policy

The Stitching Elmerss are really happy to offer an Angel Policy to its customers so you may use our images to create and sell your projects.

Terms of Use

Please bear with the Terms of Use for our Policy as they may seem a bit long but its so important that these terms and policies are followed as it’s what allows artists such as myself to keep working and producing the designs you love!

So first up – all the designs sold here are copyrighted by The Stitching Elmers

By purchasing any Kits or Patterns from The Stitching Elmers, we are granting you a limited personal license. Below are details of what that means.

How to Use your The Stitching Elmers Patterns & Kits.

Please share your projects to galleries/blogs/websites. When doing so please credit The Stitching Elmers on the finished product, picture or blog post

Items submitted for publication in print magazines is also permitted (and encouraged!) as long as credit is given to The Stitching Elmers in supply list/ description.

Produce as many handmade projects using our designs as you like! There are no quantity restrictions as part of our policy.

Restrictions (or what not to do).

You may not redistribute any of our designs or products. This includes, sharing via email, swapping or reselling.

All designs/images must be incorporated into a finished project that you are selling. You cannot resell our images as toppers for example, that you have coloured or simply stamped.

You may not reproduce our images in other formats such as kits, Patternsor any of our designs.

Kits & Patterns may not be digitally scanned or altered. 

Images may not be altered, added to, and claimed as your own. All images are copyrighted by The Stitching Elmers.

Kits or Patterns may NOT be used for classes unless consent from us is given prior to use. This includes class materials and examples or other items that may be distributed or used in a class setting. Right to do so remains with us and our wholesale customers.

Our PDF patterns or kits are not to be resold to 3rd partys.

You may not reproduce our designs for mass production of any item.

You may not use any of our designs for business or personal logo design. 

You may not use our logo in your advertising.

Thank you 

Thank you for adhering to the terms of our Angel Policy. We know the majority of people do just want to do the right thing so if you are unsure or have any questions about the Terms of Use or Angel Policy please just get in touch via our email or simply gives us a call !