Hello to all.

The new counter in the shop is nearly completed so, we now have two cutting areas, which means two of us can now serve at the same time so, hopfully we will be able to cut the waiting time down.

Once the counter is completed we will do a live stream around the shop over on Facebook, Instagram & our youtube page.



In other news

Next Sunday the 24th November we have been Invited to the Makower residents up at Maidstone with all their beautiful fabric, somthing tell me we will be coming back home with a boot full of fabric yes folks we are taken the car and not the Elly the van cause I know whats happens when shopping with Jenny (Mum) 🙂


In the next couple of days I will be uploading the December’s workshops so keep an eye out for that over at our workshop page.

I’m still working on the online booking system and hope to have it up and working soon.

Our wool section is now fully stocked  and, the shop is looking festive for Christmas.

Our opening hours for Christmas will be published on the 1st Dec.

That it for this month folks